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Maio Amarelo - Uma mensagem de conscientização da San Matheus

Why choose
to San Matheus?

We are the only funeral home in Brasilia with a 5-star rating on Google.
Access and find out what they say about us.

full funeral assistance

We take care of
everything for you!

We have the entire structure for specific and complex care. We take care of bookings, transfers, ballot boxes, ornamentation, wake, notary services, documentation, cremation and others.

Atendimento funerário personalizado no DF. Conte com a funerária San Matheus.
Atendimento funerário 24 horas em Brasília

24 hour service
in Brasilia and surroundings

Our team is prepared to provide personalized service and welcome your family when they need it most, doing what is essential to make them feel supported at the time of a loss.

Planejar é cuidar de quem se ama. Contrate um plano funerário

Funeral Plan

The best form of affection is to plan.
Preventing is taking care of the ones we love.

Hire a funeral plan and get rid of bureaucratic issues, having more peace of mind and savings, in addition to time, patience and attention to the adjustment of details when a loved one passes away.

Fully humanized services

personalized services

Funerária San Matheus offers excellent services, allowing family members time to support each other and share their memories and joys.

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Experiência e profissionalismo no ramo.

Blog San Matheus

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Parcerias de confiança

Respeito e excelência é o que torna a San Matheus uma marca de confiança entre nossos parceiros.

Associação dos Aposentados e Funcionários do Banco do Brasil
Associação dos Aposentados e Funcionários do Banco do Brasil
Caixa de Assistência dos Advogados do DF
Caixa de Assistência dos Advogados do DF
Cuidar Assist Assistência Familiar
Cuidar Assist Assistência Familiar
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