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How do you treat death?

Death is a topic that awakens different emotions and reactions in people.

Some see it as something inevitable and natural, while others feel afraid and avoid thinking about it.

It is important to reflect on our relationship with death and how we treat it in our daily lives.

Are we giving life its due value, knowing that it is fleeting? Or do we constantly live with the thought of death haunting our thoughts?

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Treating death in a healthy way involves seeing it as part of the cycle of life.

It is part of the process of renewal and transformation that constantly occurs around us.

It is an opportunity to appreciate every moment and live fully, knowing that one day everything will come to an end.

Furthermore, treating death in a healthy way also implies accepting human finitude.

Recognizing that we are all subject to it allows us to value our interpersonal relationships, make peace with those with whom we have had disagreements and make the most of the experiences that life has to offer.

On the other hand, we must not let the fear of death control our lives.

Worrying excessively about the end can prevent us from taking risks, trying new things, and fully enjoying the present moments. It is important to find a balance between appreciating the present and being aware of the impermanence of life. Ultimately, everyone deals with death in a unique and personal way, there is no definitive formula for dealing with this complex topic. The important thing is to reflect on our own relationship with finitude, make the most of life and find comfort in the different beliefs and philosophies that help us face the unknown.


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